Jim Lowe has been a bookseller for a UK retail chain for forty years and has a love for books and the creative arts. From his prolific output of dark and edgy poetry of his youth, he has written a complex series of dystopian thrillers under the banner of the New Reform Quartet.

He is married to Cath and has two grown-up daughters, Becky is a singer-songwriter and Katie is a published author after signing a six-figure debut author deal for her novel, the Furies.

Jim is an active – some might say, an over-enthusiastic – member of his local community in the Worcester area and runs Facebook groups for musicians and writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience. He has also worked closely, as a volunteer for BBC Introducing as a filmmaker and his niche YouTube channel for local artists has had over 300,000 views.

Check out his high concept, gritty and ultimately mAD series of novels – the New Reform Quartet.

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