Dove Winters Interview With Jim Lowe


“Questions That Matter” Author Interviews

Questions that Matter with Jim Lowe


Now, let’s get to know Jim!

Come on down, Jim! What would you tell your younger self?

You’ve got it all wrong – you don’t know it – but you have.

You will keep looking toward the next landmark birthday thinking that life probably ends at that point, but every time you reach that big birthday, you keep finding something new to get into.

You don’t have to be so opinionated about EVERYTHING.

Here, here! Which Beatles song describes you?

The Fool on the Hill

I feel that I’ve never been at the centre of things – I’ve always been on the fringes. I’ve seen some very dubious behaviour.

At the time, I didn’t realise that I was taking thousands of mental notes for ideas for writing in the future.

A man of a thousand voices! Do you know what your name means?

I was concerned about what the name Lowe would mean – for obvious reasons!

In the end, it meant, small hill – not very inspiring. European countries have it originating from wolf or lion – I can live with that.

Fool on the (small) hill! Which is your favourite way to dance: with others or alone?

Alone – definitely! If a piece of music absolutely reaches me, then I’ll happily freak out to it in my bedroom (that’s where the hi-fi is), but it can become embarrassing when my wife pops her head around the door and asks me what I’m doing.

Never apologize for dancing! What is one of your favourite quotes?

Frank Zappa was asked, during a loss-making tour, why he continued to take an orchestra with him:

‘Some of my contemporaries like to stick their money up their nose. I prefer to stick mine in my ears.”

Excellent quote! Name five things you would take with you during a zombie outbreak?

A phone with a lot of memory, charger and power banks. I only want it for the music player, everything else will stop working anyway.

Deodorant – I don’t want to smell bad, for that matter, I’ll pack a change of underwear!

Comfortable shoes – I’m likely to be doing a lot of running around.

A Guidebook, maybe, the Rough Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. I’ll order it on Amazon before all the workers are eaten.

Stationery – I will be first on the market with ‘How I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse’ in the post-apocalyptic era – I’m sure my optimism will see me through.

I’m sure Amazon will have workers even during the apocalypse. Where else would we get our machetes and zombie-repellent? You’re on the team! What is the meaning of life?

Aiming low, and always being pleasantly surprised when you achieve it.

I agree with that! Thank you, Jim, for taking this quirky journey! Support Jim by checking out the links below. Then, ask the fool on the hill for directions and join us for another new author!


Twitter: @Jameslowe05

Happy reading! 🙂

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